Save The Vulcan Pub

As soon as Kevin Dwyer (our branch internet expert) mentioned the Vulcan was in jeopardy he mobilised vast numbers of  Ambulance signatures on the online peteition/Facebook/ letters to the editor etc to save this overlooked pub with a huge history that has always just been there (Adam St,Cardiff).

Well none other than Jeremy Vine popped in to pull a pint and chat with regulars to find out it’s fate and broadcasted the findings on his Radio 2 lunchtime show from Cardiff last week. It was pleasing to hear that Media students from the recently built Atrium faculty of the University of Glamorgan across the road have made the place their own and numbers of supporters are growing daily.

From an Ambulance 999 call point of view in my 20 odd year on the road answering shouts perspective (and I’ve checked with other colleagues) the main memory 999 wise from us is……NONE ……we never went there!

Even though it was on the route to or home from the actual city centre, there never seemed to be any trouble, fighting, incidents of any kind that stick in anyone’s mind. Remarkable really, maybe we should have our next Branch meeting there.

The web link is asking for web support from bloggers and I for one will be attending the next literary night (the Star Trek stuff’s not my thing). My mate Christian’s dad Peter Lewis has been skittling there and internationalling there for donkey’s ………..long may it not be another car park.


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